Photo (From Left to Right): Sandeep Gupta (Late), Shantanu Roy, Shyam Shrivastav, Arvind Pratap Singh, Jitendra Bagga, Anup Sanghi, V R Ferose(myself), Nitesh Kumar Sukhdev and A Prasanna Kumar

Photo (From Left to Right) Statemates from Madhya Pradesh: Sandeep Agarwal (Late), Shantanu Roy, Shyam Shrivastav, Arvind Pratap Singh, Jitendra Bagga, Anoop Sanghi, V R Ferose(myself), Nitesh Kumar Sukhdev and A Prasanna Kumar

When I got admission into the Regional Engineering College Warangal (RECW) in 1993, it was notorious for…

Chennai Central Station

I managed to get a job (through campus interviews) as a systems analyst at the Chennai- based ERP company Ramco Systems. After a two-month break (after graduation), it was time to board the train to Chennai. My parents were very proud that I had managed to land a job with…

Photo taken in Bengaluru: Karthikeyan (Left), Myself (Middle) and Vivek (Right)

It was the summer of 1994. A year had gone by in my engineering course. I had done reasonably well enough to secure a scholarship (given to the top 25 students in the college). It meant that I was viewed by the studious kind as a potential roommate. Vivek K…

Home, my favorite place in the world

Walls, floor, ceiling


Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom

A place where we live

Laugh and cry,

Fight and make love,

Read and write,

Grieve and party.

We missed you

When we travelled

And came back to

Home sweet home.

I was lost

And found myself.

I can smell

My children, My partner, My books.

In every

Part of our home

Apple, orange, artichoke

Piano, plate, rose

Soap, stone, solitude


All inside our home

We celebrate the


Give significance

To the


Turn sorrow

into Hope


into longing


into Love,

Smell, taste

and images.


Will remain

Earthly and eternal

My favorite place in the world, my HOME

(Inspired by Pablo Neruda)

22 books that changed my life (and how)

It is very hard to pick your favorite books because your choices are fluid and can change over time. However, the easiest way is to just go with your memory — pick the ones that touched a deep chord, were very personal…

At the Academy for Engineering we are tasked with celebrating SAP’s engineering pride. It is a return to our roots, to the engineering culture that makes SAP, SAP.

Our approach is to curate and co-create a small portfolio of world-class, immersive, six-month programs, one each for each key actor in…

Every campaign has a start and end day. Our new photo campaign “Everyone is good at something” has a start date (2 April 2021) but no end date… or at least we believe so. We believe the campaign should continue until we have a truly inclusive India — an India…

When our favorite professor from NIT Warangal, Prof R Govindarajulu (fondly called RGR Sir) passed away, our college WhatsApp group was flooded with emotional messages. A group that usually shared occasional messages of birthday wishes and forwarded jokes woke up to reminiscence about our college days of two decades ago.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

In front of the New York Public Library sat a tall, bespectacled man wearing brown shorts, a blue t-shirt and a lovely, broad smile. The chair he sat on could just about support him. A few books were kept on a small table with a large sign “Meet the Author”.

Hands holding a diya in a dark background
Photo by Dhivakaran S from Pexels

Why 55? You might ask, after scrolling down to the bottom of the numbered list. Well, that’s the number I got to before I got back into the car after a long hike. I typed this on my mobile while doing my weekend hike. …

Ferose V R

Senior Vice President and Head of SAP Academy for Engineering. Inclusion Evangelist, Thought Leader, Speaker, Columnist and Author.

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